How Ulysses' Folk House uses UNION to power one of the highest volume bars in New York City.

As one of the busiest bars in the  Financial District, the Ulysses Folk House staff are UNION power-users that rely on the system for enormous tab counts and thousands of dollars every day. 

“UNION handles our sales volume so well... With Micros, we were constantly creating workarounds.”

The owners of Ulysses moved the business to UNION after they were held back by Micros, which was not robust enough to accommodate their high volume. Where this legacy point of sale system failed, UNION has been able to provide them with a new and innovative solution to speed up service all around. 

“The rapid adoption of the UNION system by new staff is incredible.”

With UNION, new staff can pick up the application and begin working on it with little training. This is huge in a city where staff are constantly being hired and utilized immediately. 

Ulysses’ Folk House

Mobile terminals enable processing thousands of dollars in a matter of hours.

With UNION’s mobile terminals, Ulysses is able to accept credit cards, and customers can pay and tip out right on the screen without the need for a paper receipt. 

Ulysses Folk House

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The Ulysses Folk House staff is able to utilize a number of UNION’s features that were designed specifically for high-volume bars and restaurants.

24/7 Free Customer Support

Having a 24/7 customer support team allows Ulysses to feel like UNION is a true partner in their business' success. Ulysses staff are always comfortable calling or texting the UNION support team with any questions.

Handheld Systems

With UNION's mobile terminals, servers can dip/swipe a card, and have customers pay and send a receipt from right on the screen. This has proven to be extremely beneficial for high volume, especially during busy events.

Built for High Efficiency

If servers are frustrated with the software, staff is going to be less productive throughout the night. This all adds up. With UNION, the app layout is so intuitive that brand-new staff can quickly learn and begin using the system.

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